About Crossroads for Women

Crossroads for Women

Crossroads for Women began over 30 years ago as a safe place where women could start the process of recovery from substance abuse at a time when gender-specific treatment was rarely discussed. Today, Crossroads for Women offers Maine’s most comprehensive treatment for substance abuse and mental health specialized for women, including pregnant women, of all ages and backgrounds. While many of the clients we serve are from the Greater Portland area, due to our unique and specialized services, we serve women from around the entire state of Maine.

The nonprofit agency uses a gender-specific treatment model, where women can focus on learning and coping with substance abuse and mental health issues in a safe and comfortable environment. Our programs and services include comprehensive mental health and substance abuse assessments, individual, group, couples and family counseling; an intensive outpatient program (IOP), DEEP evaluation and treatment, medication management, Maine’s only residential program for children and mothers, short-term residential rehabilitation, a halfway house and transitional housing. In addition, Crossroads for Women offers counseling and education to those affected by a loved one’s addiction, male or female.

For more information on Crossroads for Women, call 207.773.9931 or visit www.crossroadsforwomen.org.

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  1. family counseling is sometimes needed because you cannot solve all your problems `’,

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